11:05 a.m. - 12:05 p.m.

Patient-Centered Care Vs. Person-Centered Care

With data analytics, machine learning, and electronic health records, individuals are increasingly looked at from a data perspective, instead of a human perspective. While the use of data analytics and artificial intelligence has increasingly provided better studies and results for patients, technology has taken a toll on the patient experience and put a barrier up between a person and their health. Leaders will clarify the difference between patient-centered care and person-centered care.

Key topics:

  • How healthcare leaders can ensure they are caring for their population as people before patients

  • How health systems can make sure the data being collected is accurately and effectively communicated to patients

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The Hilton Austin

500 E 4th St.

Austin, TX 78701

May 12 -13, 2020 

For more info, contact:

Jodi Sniegocki

Education and Events Director