11:05 a.m. - 12:05 p.m.

A Person-Centered Future for Healthcare

With data analytics, machine learning, and electronic health records, individuals are increasingly looked at from a data perspective, instead of a human perspective. While the use of data analytics and artificial intelligence has increasingly provided better studies and results for patients, as well as created a more convenient environment, technology has taken a toll on the patient experience and put a barrier up between a person and their health.


  • Putting the patient first is not a new concept. Leaders will clarify the difference between patient centered care and person-centered care.

  • How can healthcare leaders ensure they are caring for their population as people before patients?

  • How can health systems make sure the data being collected is accurately and effectively communicated to patients?

Kapil Dhingra, MD

Physician in Chief

Permanente Medical Group

Peggy Maguire


Cambia Health Foundation