2:20 p.m. - 3:20 p.m.

Interactive Session- From Start Up to Scale: Launching a Successful Healthcare Start Up

Despite the promise technology holds, the healthcare industry is slow to embrace it. However, innovation in healthcare is happening faster than most people realize. Individuals who decided to build a medical startup were able to raise $9.5 billion in funding in 2018. Sooner or later, there will be a witness a massive adoption of healthcare technology globally. Entering the healthcare market is complex. The presence of players such as insurance companies, governments, and regulatory bodies — which influence prices and policies — creates considerable friction. Additionally, many solutions fail to address real pain points of consumers This interactive session will address issues in regard to healthcare technology and reveal best practices to take you from start up to IPO.

  • Select a segment in the healthcare industry

  • Find the pain in the segment: Analyze the pain and opportunity simultaneously.

  • Find mitigations for the pain: possible solutions

  • Making a rough draft mind map of the working functionality of the product

  • Finding developers and co-founders: Deciding who all are best matches for your team

  • Filing, approving and publishing a provisional patent to increase valuation and credibility

  • Options of raise funding: establishing financial models and assumptions

Fahti Khosrowshahi

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Ceek Women’s Health


Steven Collens

Chief Executive Officer



Ed Buckley

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer